I believe in Jesus BUT…

  What if I told you I believe in Jesus BUT I don’t believe in the laying on of hands for raising up the dead or miracles of any sort   Would you think me a woman of faith?   What if I told you I believe in Jesus BUT  I don’t believe praying will [Read More…]

The Veterans & the Nurse

It’s the veterans she served as a nurse that Mama remembers best. Bruce. Homer. Mike. “There are a lot of names I remember,” she says. Her memory is a virtual wall. The names of many of her patients are etched into her brain like the black marble etching on Panel 9E Line 71. People she [Read More…]

When Sinners Heal

Graduation day has finally arrived. Sinner collects a diploma he has worked three long years for, but has spent a lifetime in preparation. I’m headed to Cheney to celebrate with the rest of the Sinners as our son-in-law collects that diploma. Unlike thousands of others who will graduate today, the Sinner already has a job [Read More…]