Dragons & Habits

High atop a hill on the north side of Spokane is the home of St. Michael.   It’s an imposing structure, made from brick and mortar and very little wood, as required by fire code following the fire that burned 27 blocks of downtown Spokane. In the early 1900s, they built their on railroad up [Read More…]

Q & A with Tayari Jones

SILVER SPARROW, the latest novel by Atlanta author Tayari Jones, is a “love story… full of perverse wisdom and proud joy,” declares O Magazine.  Dana Lynn Yarboro’s father is a bigamist. So is Bunny Chaurisse Witherspoon’s daddy. The girls, born four-months apart, are sisters, who live in the same town and share the same daddy, [Read More…]

Where the Wild Things Grow

That hike I mentioned? It was a path along the Metolius River. That’s Native American for White Fish. There were waterfalls White-water rapids Towering Pines A fisherman Plenty of hungry rainbow trout I mentioned the white-water rapids, didn’t I? And the trout? Look, see ’em! Aren’t they something? There were some gal-pals, of course By [Read More…]