Peter's Story

Peter’s Story I met Peter at one of Vietnam’s busy marketplaces. He asked me why I was in his country. I told him all about Sons And Daughters in Touch and our historic return to the battlefields where our fathers were slain. “I am like you,” he said. “In what way?” I asked. “My father, [Read More…]

Revenge & Redemption

I spoke with my friend Lillian tonight. Lillian’s only daughter, Marjorie, was killed in the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon. I’ve invited Lillian, a journalist herself, to write something to share with us here. Anything she wants. If she does, I’ll be sharing that in the days ahead. I didn’t know Lillian before the 9-11 [Read More…]

How do you remember?

Did you do anything to remember it? Visit someone in the hospital perhaps? Make a phone call? Send an email? Bake a cake? Write a letter to your Congressman? Did you join with hundreds of others on a protest march? Or did you sit down with the photos of your son, your husband, your daughter, [Read More…]