A letter to South Carolinians

My dear South Carolinian friends: Tell me. Is Newt Gingrich is holed up in some five-star hotel somewhere with a bottle of brandy, wishing like heck somebody would put a muzzle on That-Woman-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless? I imagine getting an endorsement from her is like having Charlie Sheen as a character witness for Tiger Woods in a divorce [Read More…]

Late-night visit with Marjory

Marjory Wentworth sits at the dining room table in her Mt. Pleasant, S. C., home, and pushes back the copper curls falling into her eyes. It is late and she is tried. She has buried a good friend on this day and the grief of it all has exhausted her. He died too young, this [Read More…]

NPR & Fox News:Two Sides of the Same Redneck Family

  Bleech! I never thought I’d be saying this – I agree with Newt Gingrich. Calling NPR’s firing of Juan Williams “total censorship”, Newt suggested that Congress ought to consider cutting off NPR’s money. Juan Williams had been a popular news analyst for public radio. Popular, that is, until NPR decided otherwise and canned his [Read More…]