Hoe it out

  My daughter and her family are preparing to move to a new community after nearly a decade in the same town. She originally went to Spokane, Wa. to attend law school at Gonzaga. She had a change of mind and heart after a year. Spokane has been a good place to live, if one [Read More…]

Purple Heart Recipient Jed Zillmer: American Tragedy

  His life ended in a one-sided shoot-out. Police said he wanted it that way. They said Afghanistan war veteran Jed Zillmer was on a suicidal mission: Kill or be killed. He was allegedly heavily armed and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, although that had never been diagnosed. Before a claim of PTSD can [Read More…]

Dragons & Habits

High atop a hill on the north side of Spokane is the home of St. Michael.   It’s an imposing structure, made from brick and mortar and very little wood, as required by fire code following the fire that burned 27 blocks of downtown Spokane. In the early 1900s, they built their on railroad up [Read More…]