Starbuck’s Regular

She was bawling. Right there in Starbucks. In front of God and everybody. Just down the road from Nashville, in the Bible Belt, where people are loving and generous and not prone to let others cry in public without offering to pray for them or something. I had studied her throughout the afternoon as I [Read More…]

Bless Your Heart: Book Giveaway

Sister Tater and I pulled into the parking lot at the very same Starbucks where we took Mama almost everyday. It was a terrible Starbucks as far as Starbucks go. Never could get the simplest of orders right, which, yes, I know is a first-world problem. But when you have six brain tumors and the [Read More…]

In Pursuit of Self-Indulgence

  So you heard about this fellow in Washington State who ordered the most expensive Starbucks drink ever? $47.30. For one drink. Beau Chevassus didn’t actually pay for the drink. It was his 27th birthday so he got the drink for free. And it wasn’t like he was going to drink the drink anyway. It [Read More…]