They Walk Among Us

They walk among us, the despairing do. Some are quiet, unassuming, gentle souls. Others are the life of the party, seemingly joyful, radiant even. Yet, somewhere, just beyond the place where hope whispers their name, there is a darkness, unrecognizable. Until, too often, it’s too late. They walk among us, the despairing do. Laughing, loving, [Read More…]

Panhandling with the Silent Child

  The sermon wasn’t particularly in-depth. What is there to say on Psalm Sunday, other than Jesus gave his all. What will you give? Tim was gone all weekend at a Key Club Convention in Seattle, so I didn’t have to worry about fixing anyone dinner. I made a quick run to Starbucks for the [Read More…]

Suicide & the Code of Silence

“Nobody commits suicide because they want to die – They just want to stop the pain.”   The tow-headed toddler running down the church aisle tripped and fell over onto his tummy. He paused a moment before getting up, looking around to see if anyone was going to come to his aide, or perhaps he [Read More…]