A Western Trend

Suicide is a trend in the West. We led the way in despair for the nation. Alaska routinely takes the top spot. Followed by Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada and Idaho. Oregon, with its liberal assisted-suicide laws, has the number 12 spot. Experts say they aren’t exactly sure why the suicide rate is higher on the [Read More…]

How media messed up the Rapture: As soldiers lay dying

Several years ago when I was working as a local reporter I arrived at the news office around 6 a.m. to find a woman sitting on the curb, the back door of her 60s-era van wide open. There was a sleeping bag, clothes and some sort of round satellite dish in the back. It was [Read More…]

That Dark Cloud

I have put off writing about this because I know how you people are, you’ll freak out and start worrying. And frankly, I don’t want to worry you; I only want to alert you. I wasn’t going to write it at all but I saw something on a friend’s Facebook post tonight that alarmed me. I call this [Read More…]