God help us – or send us Agent 86

I have been going to the same doctor for a decade. Dr. Nofry knows things about me that even Tim doesn’t know. My cholesterol count for one. My weight for another. When I checked in this time, however, the receptionist asked for my driver’s license. “Excuse me?” I said. “Don’t you all know who I [Read More…]

First Amendment Family

Raised up in Seattle, he’d grown up comfortable. Not unaware but at least far removed from the growing up his grandparents experienced. The kind of experiences that made a person of color want to move far, far away from the land of their growing up. You should interview them about all that, I said. Find [Read More…]

You can’t change anything

He sat silent throughout the presentation and the dozens of hard questions that followed. Then leaning over his knees and rubbing his hands together, he said, All you people listen up. You can’t change anything. This book it don’t matter. People have been this way thousands of years and will be this way thousands of [Read More…]