Paying Attention

It’s that time, of course, when we must take leave and say our good-byes. For now. Good-byes are my least favorite part of this journey we call life. I like hellos so much better. But this trip did not fly by, and I am not leaving with any sense of “I wish I had.” I’m [Read More…]

Reconciling a dark past

One of the things that surprised me the most about the trip to Normandy was the number of Germans paying tribute at the American war memorials at Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the stories of war we tell, and the mythology of war we cling to. [Read More…]

Beloved Brothers

I have long recognized that crossing over a border, be it between Georgia and Florida, or Germany and Switzerland, meant that I was going to happen up a people of a different sort.  While it is true that people are people wherever you go, the manifestation of their peopleness is shaped by many things — [Read More…]