Memories of The Redhead: Mama was a Dancing Woman

It has been two years.¬†Four days. 23 hours and 37 minutes, give or take a few, since I last spoke to The Redhead. 734 days. 63,502,635¬†seconds. I don’t even know what I’ve done with all that time. Wasted a good portion of it, undoubtedly, though I’m more cognizant of the passing than I’ve ever been [Read More...]

Lessons from The Redhead

For two weeks now I’ve had this package sitting on my desk. It arrived shortly before my birthday, along with a card. “Have a Kleenex nearby,” came the warning inside the card. The gift is from The Redhead. I’m not at all surprised to have received a gift from the Redhead after her passing. That’s [Read More...]