On Bended Knee for Boston

I have been on the road — I’ll tell you more about that in another post — and as in the case when I travel, access to news is limited.  When I heard about the explosions in Boston, I contacted my friends Charlie and Ann, who live there. Charlie assured me that they were okay. [Read More…]

The Whys and Whats of God

Her boy was 14 when he was killed in an accident. He grabbed for a gun that his friend was showing him. “We didn’t have guns in our house,” she says. “But he was always fascinated by guns.” He asked his friend to let him hold it. Then he reached for the gun. It discharged [Read More…]

Prayer Revolution

Editor’s Note: Thoughtful guest post today on prayer comes to us by way of Tim Thurman.   A few years ago, I felt like God was gently encouraging me to become a “man of prayer”.  I  have always respected people who could spend hours praying, and who saw results from their prayers.  I have always [Read More…]