This perfect world of ours

We do not live in a perfect world where everyone agrees and shares the same perspective. I came across that statement in an essay I read recently, and it got me to wondering: Is that really what a perfect world looks like? A place where we all agree and share the same perspective. Good Mrs. Murphy, [Read More…]

We are the stillness & the music

by Shelby Dee I used to attend Theology on Tap in a big city with a friend of mine. She was Catholic; I was not. On Thursday evenings a bunch of young adults would meet in a pub, usually listen to a religious leader speak on a topic, enjoy a brew, meet a few folks [Read More…]

The Racist Within Me

I do not have one Muslim friend. Not one. I’m not even sure how I’d go about making a Muslim friend. I suppose I could do as one fellow suggested and go through the phone book looking for Muslim-sounding names and call somebody. “Mr. Patel? Could I please speak to Mrs. Patel? … Mrs. Patel? You [Read More…]