Moses in Iraq

My friend Captain David Moses is finishing out his last tour of duty in Iraq.  He is with the last logistical unit in the South before crossing the border to Kuwait. David explains what that means, “So every unit in Iraq comes through us for convoy support before we authorize them for onward movement.” That’s David on the far left [Read More…]

The War on Terror at Home

Here’s a little known truth – America has lost more troops to suicide over the past two years than to combat. In 2009, suicides among active duty personnel exceeded those killed in battle. That’s a startling fact even if you don’t consider the haphazard fashion in which the Armed Services tracks death-by-suicide. The Air Force [Read More…]

How do you measure freedom?

This is how we celebrated freedom We brought in the big guns Wrapped ourselves in Camo gear Mapped out the territory we needed to conquer And assigned each enlistee a task Some attached to the rear guard Where they went about implementing their plan Which included clearing away the brush Searching for landmines And making [Read More…]