Do you know your neighbor?

Isolated. That’s how neighbors are describing Jared Loughner’s family. Extremely private people, not the sort to engage. Wayne Smith, who has lived across the street from the Loughner family since 1972, broke the news to Amy and Randy Loughner that their son had been arrested in connection with the Tuscon shooting. The news devastated the [Read More…]

Hillbilly Language Lessons

golly-whopper: noun: Something extraordinary of its kind. “That was a golly-whopper of a championship game last night.” “That Oregon defense is a golly-whopper.” “That Cam Newton has a golly-whopper of an arm.” “Fifty-four years between one championship to another is a golly-whopper of a wait.” “Fans from both teams report that they had a golly-whopper [Read More…]

Cancel Church, please

I wanted them to cancel church this morning. I am not saying I wanted them to close the doors. That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about forgetting the music and sermon they spent the week planning. I wanted Pastor to call us together as a body and say, “You know what? We aren’t going [Read More…]