Breast Pumps & the Fear of the Lord

I think a lot about words, how we use them and how prevalent certain words are. Recently I had a discussion with someone about breast pumps. There was a time in my life when breast pump was common terminology in our household and in conversations with friends. When I say breast pump you probably think I [Read More…]

Starbucks CEO fails leadership test

Over on his blog , Tyler Braun states he was at the Global Leadership Summit last week when Willow Creek’s Bill Hybel’s announced that Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz canceled his appearance at the last minute because some 700 people had signed a petition stating that Willow Creek Community Church is anti-gay, which Hybels says is [Read More…]

Dance of the Deliberate

(Editor’s note: I have been a fan of Don Miller’s Mentoring Project from back in the day when it was the Belmont Foundation. Tyler Braun asked me if I’d contribute to a blogging campaign on mentoring. What about you? Do you have a mentor? Have you been a mentor?)     My daughter called me for advice recently. She [Read More…]