Amy Adams Sacrifice

Amy Adams

Editor’s note: When I first wrote the following, many news sources ran headlines referring to Amy Adams giving up her first-class seat to a soldier as a “sacrifice”. Many have since gone back and reworded those headlines. Although cutlines below photos and some news stories still call her actions a “sacrifice”, it is a word [Read More...]

Do Something Sacred

linda 018

  When I went to Vietnam the one thing that disturbed me was the way the Vietnamese exploited their own children for the sake of a dollar. I encountered girls as young as 7 or 8 out on the streets of Saigon (nobody but the press calls it Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC  is a [Read More...]

A Soldier’s Funeral

Dad s grave

    The funeral service was held Wednesday morning, August 3, 1966, at McCloud Baptist Church. Mama was up at daybreak. I don’t think she’d slept at all the night before. I could hear her trying to move quietly around the trailer, so as not to wake any of us. Shortly before the sun scrubbed [Read More...]