Lessons of Bobby Sands

Before there was the produce farmer who set himself on fire in Tunisia  Before there was a Pakistani boy who stopped a school bomber  Before there was the Nelson Mandela who set a nation on fire, and then the world There was Bobby Sands. Some say it was Sands who influenced Mandela. Bobby Sands and [Read More…]

A Shooter and his prey

  Once again we walk through our day shaking our heads in disbelief, muttering prayers for the dead, the wounded, the first-responders, and all the families. We turn on the radio, NPR or Rush Limbaugh. We turn on the TV, FoxNews or CNN. And we listen in what could be mistaken as a meditative state [Read More…]

They Walk Among Us

They walk among us, the despairing do. Some are quiet, unassuming, gentle souls. Others are the life of the party, seemingly joyful, radiant even. Yet, somewhere, just beyond the place where hope whispers their name, there is a darkness, unrecognizable. Until, too often, it’s too late. They walk among us, the despairing do. Laughing, loving, [Read More…]