What’s a Gay Boy Scout to do?

This week the Boy Scouts of America will vote on whether or not to end its long standing policy against gays as members and leaders. They voted on the same matter last year and upheld the ban against gays. The Boy Scout’s ruling is archaic, based upon unfounded fears, but old fears are hard to [Read More…]

Making Pot Legal

There was a dead child on the floor but that was of little concern to the man pacing. He had pushed a dining room table and chairs up against a hollow-wood door, in a frantic effort to keep out the EMTs and law enforcement officials who had descended on his home like August gnats. Everyone [Read More…]

The Kid: Ten Reasons not to vote for Obama

  I haven’t had much to say about this upcoming election. The shortlist leaves much to be desired. This election is proof positive of the problems inherent in the two-party system run financially amuck. My only advice to you isn’t about the candidates, both of whom I’m pretty sure would lose in a round of [Read More…]