Starve a Child, Save a Gay

I was in Nashville when the text message arrived: “Have you kept up with what’s going on with World Vision?” Only barely, I replied. I’m on the road. Prior to heading out of Seattle earlier this week I had read a story about World Vision’s decision to hire Christians in Same-Sex marriages. World Vision is [Read More…]

Surrounded by the Honorable

 Tim and I have been in New England for the past several days, visiting our friends Charlie and Ann-Marie Harootunian.  Specifically, we have been in Walpole, Mass., which is a lovely community halfway between Boston and Providence, Rhode Island. I first met Charlie in a trailer (naturally) during my first visit to the Vietnam Memorial [Read More…]

Confessionals: Foster & Armstrong

  If you need any more proof of what a conflicted people we have become, you have only to turn to Jodie Foster’s confession on national television about her struggles to lead an authentic life. As we say in the Deep South: Jodie Foster went all the way around her elbow to reach her mouth. [Read More…]