Mothers & Mental Illness

My childhood girlfriend was institutionalized following the birth of her first-born. Here she was, ten years later, in the third-trimester of her second pregnancy, talking out of her head again. We were having one of our catch-up phone calls. She from her home in Georgia. Me from my home in Oregon. “I know what the [Read More…]

Gone off the Farm

  It’s her daddy’s fist slamming the table that Diane Carlson Evans remembers whenever she thinks back to that morning in 1966 when she broke the news to her family that she was headed to Vietnam. “I can still see his hand leaving that coffee cup,”Evans said. “That tight fist on the table, then he walked out [Read More…]

Parachute Powell: A visit with a Modern-Day Zeb

While making an appearance at Litchfield Books in South Carolina, I had the opportunity to interview a World War II veteran. Powell was parachute infantryman during World War II. A job he volunteered for, after volunteering for the Army. Like an elder Jimmy Fallon, the handsome Powell is quick to laugh and does so often. [Read More…]