Prophecy ’72: Together Again

  By all indications, I was an at-risk child, doomed by an unfortunate fate to end up in one institution or another. I’m just so thankful it was a church and not a jail. Rose Hill Baptist Church in Columbus, Ga., to be exact. Patsy Ward, herself only sixteen, not only invited me to Rose [Read More…]

Julia Roberts & Me

Did you see the news story about ads for L’Oreal’s make-up being banned in Great Britain because of complaints that the photos were “overly airbrushed”? Seems like it ought to beg the question of what’s “acceptable airbrushing”? The whole point being that the product advertised does not actually give anyone — not even the airbrushed [Read More…]

In these tears

For Zane’s family… and friends… Because in the flood of grief, we need the reassurance. [Read more…]