‘God Is Always There. The Holy Spirit Does Not Go on Holidays.’

What a beautiful reflection on the Pope Benedict’s news this week, from a cardinal in the room for the announcement, Francis Cardinal Arinze from Nigeria!

As someone who knows the Holy Father he says: “I haven’t any doubt about his wisdom,” the cardinal said. “He doesn’t rush. He is not rash. He is gentle. But he’s also clear-headed and firm.”

He expresses the hope that this will “help many to get more mature in our faith.”

“Our faith is not on the pope, it is on Christ, who is the foundation of the Church… we all are servants, we come and go. He stays on… The pope is a servant. He’s not there for himself, or self-glory.”

The Holy Father’s message is, in the cardinal’s mind: “’I am a servant. I think another servant should come on.'” This is “very good for the Church. And very noble of him.”

“Anyone in authority is there to serve,” by the way.

“This event can help all of us to be deeper in our faith,” Arinze says. And to be less sentimental.”

“Pope Benedict may be teaching us many more things than we realize.”



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