Religious Liberty Is a Winning Issue

The president may be losing Catholics, according to a new Pew poll. “Free” birth control isn’t exactly a rallying cry for registered voters, the poll also suggests. Here, not for the first time polling suggests to those inclined to oppose the president’s HHS mandate and administrative hostility to religious liberty: Have courage. And, as it [Read More...]

Was Jesus Just Some Good Dude Who Used to Live?


I found myself thinking of a Sunday homily this morning. Because it is still Easter. And we can still meet the Risen Lord in our daily lives. There is no time like today. At Saint Patrick’s in Manhattan on Easter morning, Timothy Cardinal Dolan was preaching to his flock, what he prefers to do than [Read More...]

A Pregnant Sacrifice

A pregnant Mary Rose Somarriba writes a reflection on Lent, Easter and the “congratulations” she has been getting lately: To overlook the trials is to miss the full picture—indeed the very richness and beauty of that new life. We are myopic if we celebrate the joys of Easter while overlooking the tragedy of Good Friday. [Read More...]

We Try, We Begin Anew

Did you read Magnificat yesterday? It truly is a great gift when it becomes a part of your life. What a difference just a few pages a day can make! This comes from the late Father Maurice Zundel: We know very well — we ourselves have noticed it thousands of times — we know very [Read More...]

Mounting the Heart of the Temple

israel 452

Not to be stuck on this past Sunday and its Gospel reading, but Fr. Robert Barron provides some essential focus: While sharing the aversion of using religion as a means to gain material wealth, I think a more fruitful way of understanding Christ’s action to cleanse the temple can be discerned in relation to Israel’s [Read More...]