The Freedom to Love God Is Worth the Fight

In a speech to the meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Atlanta today, Catholic University of America president John Garvey plugged the upcoming Fortnight for Freedom by suggesting that: “Saving religious liberty means reminding people that they should love God.” We need to recover a sense of religion as a good. [Read More...]

Religious Freedom Daily

Are you wondering about that supposed “accommodation”? Are you unclear about the state of conscience in America and why people are suing the Department of Human Services? Here is a good 101: The fact is that talk of accommodation is smoke and mirrors. The mandate holds as originally written. Nothing has changed to expand in [Read More...]

Mother, May We Fight for Freedom?

I don’t know what you’ve read about nuns today, but I want you to have the chance to read this from Mother Agnes Mary Donovan of the Sisters of Life. They are the remarks she delivered this morning at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast and I wish every Catholic or anyone who pretends to know [Read More...]

‘God’s Love Is More Powerful Than Anything in the World’


The title line comes from a new video from Fr. Robert Barron. His talk is in response to a Newsweek cover story (I suspect you know the one!). This message — that God’s love is more powerful than anything in the world — is the message. The one that our souls live and die by. [Read More...]

B16 on Religious Liberty, Integrity & Authentic Love

From his airport arrival in Mexico Friday: I come as a pilgrim of faith, of hope, and of love. I wish to confirm those who believe in Christ in their faith, by strengthening and encouraging them to revitalize their faith by listening to the Word of God, celebrating the sacraments and living coherently. In this [Read More...]

Join the Conversion Revolution

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Pope Benedict has given us great gifts in teaching about prayer. Take, for instance, his May 2011 catechesis on prayer and Jacob in the Old Testament. Late at night or Wednesday afternoon, we have much to learn here. “Our whole life is like this long night of battle and prayer that is meant to end in [Read More...]

Eternal Insurance Policy


“My despised Jesus, nail this heart of mine to your feet, so that I may always remains there to love you and never leave you again.” — 11th Station, from Saint Alphonsus Liguori’s Way of the Cross [Read more...]