Religious Freedom Daily

Encourage me to actually make this feature daily if it is of use to you. We should be highlighting clarifying items to family and friends throughout the day. It’s only our first freedom and all. Did you read Mark Rienzi, Catholic U professor and Becket Fund lawyer on the Catholic lawsuits yet? You can read [Read More...]

‘the Christian is to the world what the soul is to the body.’

Ed Mechmann highlights some Divine direction. [Read more...]

Saying Yes on God’s Time


The other night in Manhattan, an ecumenical crowd saluted Kevin Hasson, for his labors and vision. The founder of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, he saw the need to defend religious liberty before it was threatened in an above-the-fold kinda way. As those closest to him observe, he is a lesson in saying yes [Read More...]

Defend and Advance Religious Freedom in Full

A call to action from George Weigel, speaking at the commencement exercises at Benedictine College in Kansas. [Read more...]

Are We Listening?

I sat in on parts of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences annual plenary session last week and heard what amounted to a warning to America: Don’t go the way of secularism. That’s what this fight over religious liberty we are in amounts to. In my syndicated column this week, I write: To an American [Read More...]

‘the vote of Mass-attending Catholics will be one of the high dramas in this presidential election’

Steve Wagner gives some grounded analysis of what’s happening with the so-called Catholic vote here. Is it a problem for the president? Sure looks like it could be. This White House over-reached when it issued and then doubled-down on the HHS contraceptive/sterilization/abortion mandate. Even Joe Biden saw the political trouble coming. If you are a [Read More...]

Mother, May We Fight for Freedom?

I don’t know what you’ve read about nuns today, but I want you to have the chance to read this from Mother Agnes Mary Donovan of the Sisters of Life. They are the remarks she delivered this morning at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast and I wish every Catholic or anyone who pretends to know [Read More...]

Religious Liberty Is a Winning Issue

The president may be losing Catholics, according to a new Pew poll. “Free” birth control isn’t exactly a rallying cry for registered voters, the poll also suggests. Here, not for the first time polling suggests to those inclined to oppose the president’s HHS mandate and administrative hostility to religious liberty: Have courage. And, as it [Read More...]