Mother, May We Fight for Freedom?

I don’t know what you’ve read about nuns today, but I want you to have the chance to read this from Mother Agnes Mary Donovan of the Sisters of Life. They are the remarks she delivered this morning at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast and I wish every Catholic or anyone who pretends to know [Read More...]

Religious Liberty Is a Winning Issue

The president may be losing Catholics, according to a new Pew poll. “Free” birth control isn’t exactly a rallying cry for registered voters, the poll also suggests. Here, not for the first time polling suggests to those inclined to oppose the president’s HHS mandate and administrative hostility to religious liberty: Have courage. And, as it [Read More...]

Do You Feel Called to Defend the Church in the Public Square?

An announcement about a developing project I have some involvement in and would encourage those eligible (45 and younger, New Yorkers in particular) who feel called by this ad to put in an application for: Do you find yourself at home arguing with TV news anchors, radio hosts, and print columnists, wishing someone would defend [Read More...]

My B16 Birthday Album: Freedom as Challenge


As others note today, April 16th is Pope Benedict VXI’s 85th birthday. Vatican Radio reports that: In his homily, the Holy Father noted that for him, this anniversary day of his birth and his baptism is always immersed in the Paschal Mystery, the mystery of the Cross and resurrection, “In a special way,” he said, [Read More...]

Thank You, David Paterson!

I just had the very pleasant experience of an interview with former New York governor David Paterson on his New York-based (WOR) radio show about this column of mine today on women and their choices, occasioned by Hilary Rosen’s comments last week about Ann Romney and stay-at-home moms. I confess I had no idea what [Read More...]

His Practice Is Love

Speaking of the topic of love. This is what Dr. John Bruchalski, founder of Divine Mercy Care is trying to bring back to medicine. Treating patients with dignity. Listening to him speak to mostly pro-choice medical students last week, I could only think of him as a walking, practicing Evangelium Vitae. His practice is love [Read More...]

Dolan on Politics

More here about that Face the Nation interview. And a media point here. And one more about reporting on Archbishop-Designate William Lori here. [Read more...]

Cardinal Dolan Takes to the Sunday Show Pulpit, Preaching the Message of True Freedom

I’m forever uncomfortable with the concept of the Sunday morning political talk shows. As someone both naturally inclined to and professionally obligated to watch such shows, I have always wanted them to be Saturday morning shows. I would watch Firing Line then back in the day and I would happily watch these news chat shows [Read More...]