Experience the Loving Presence of Jesus in Your Life


Pope Francis delivered his first address in English Friday. Listen here. It is quite moving to hear a holy father in your native tongue. Even as he said what he says! He brings it back to the his first Angelus message again and again: Never tire of asking for God’s forgiveness. He’s going to get [Read More...]

Praying on the Hill

Dominican Father Andrew Hofer opened the House one day this week (while we were still in shutdown mode) and it’s surely a prayer for legislating, but one for every day: We have been wrong, and we have sinned. Give us all a share of your wisdom and your mercy. Enlighten us so that we can [Read More...]

They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Tweets?

Mercy and sacrifice. Prayer. Trust. How do we trust? Go to God. Let the Holy Spirit guide. Let Mary lead us deeper into knowing her Son. Be not afraid to let God be a real, transforming part of your life. Christ must be the center of our lives, all the time. Have you been reading [Read More...]

D.C.-Area Catholic Alert


Do you want to be a more effective Catholic communicator? At home, at work, at the bar, on the train? We are all called to evangelize, and we are not left alone in figuring out how. Catholic Voices USA is a project you’ve probably heard me talk about before in some shape or form. If [Read More...]

Blessed Rolando!

In his Angelus address Sunday, Pope Francis mentioned a Italian young man who has been beatified this weekend, holding him up as a source of inspiration, a model for youth and the Christian life. Rolando Rivi was martyred in 1945 at 14. A seminarian, he refused to take off his cassock, a sign of his [Read More...]

Don’t Misunderstand St. Francis

Pope Francis Friday morning in Assisi on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi touched upon the common misunderstanding of the radically holy man: That “Peace was flowing” in some kind of sing-songy way in his life. Whoa, it runs so much deeper, as Pope Francis talked about this morning. During a Good Friday homily, [Read More...]

The Nuns Who Topped Billboard


What do Fifty Shades of Grey, Downton Abbey, Andrea Bocelli, have in common with Benedictine nuns in Missouri? Billboard, and guess who’s been in the lead? Angels and Saints at Ephesus, a recording of hymns sung by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, released by De Montfort music. Over the last months, Angels [Read More...]

My Brothers, the Saints

Colleen Carroll Campbell wrote a beautiful book called My Sisters, the Saints (we talk about it here). In it she walked through how some blessed women have made themselves known to her through the struggles of her life. In Pope Francis’ latest interview, he writes a pitch for his My Brothers, the Saints. There is [Read More...]