Living The Way, Come What May

A friend this month, who might have been the freest man I ever met, died. You love, you serve, you know you are a sinner and accept justice and aren’t destroyed by sin and injustice because you know you’re a sinner and you know your Father knows this, and sent His Son to win the [Read More...]

Men Who Love Mary

One of the 19 men who became a cardinal today, the one from North America, is Gérald Cyprien Lacroix of Quebec. I stood in a very long line with him a one late November night in Mexico city last year, and have run into him more than a few times in the past year at [Read More...]

The Sweet Life

From St Francis de Sales, in his treatise on the Love of God: Oh, how sweet and desirable is the yoke of the law you impose on us, O Lord, who love us so much and are worthy of our love! … Oh Lord, who love us so much and are worthy of our love! [Read More...]

Are We Salt and Light?

Randy Hain at The Integrated Catholic Life asks the question of Christian communications (and our lives): “Do we make Christ and His Church attractive and inviting to others through our words, actions and the way we carry ourselves?” He writes: We may be eloquent speakers, gifted writers or effective debaters. But, when it comes to [Read More...]

You’re Not Alone

Overnight, I was trying to figure out what I’d write my syndicated column on — endless possibilities — and wound up with this suggestion from someone over social media: How about the never ending supply of love in the world? I tell me kids to send love in their prayers to someone who is alone [Read More...]

Edith Stein and the Countercultural Single Ladies

Politicians are forever talking about women’s freedom but real freedom is more radical than our culture is comfortable with. Based on remarks she delivered at Notre Dame last weekend, Elise Italiano helps unpack just what it is that the Gospel means in the lives of women, writing about what Edith Stein might advise her single [Read More...]

Christian Focus in Communications, in Life

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you might consider this a tweet of the day. That was certainly my reaction. Where do I get one? Time to bring back?“@HistoricalPics: The Isolator, a helmet invented in 1925 that encourages focus and concentration” — Bill Howard (@bhcolorado) February 5, 2014 But no one needs one. Not if [Read More...]

‘I will trust, and not be afraid’

Tuesday (today, as I write) is the feast day of St. Catherine de’ Ricci, a Dominican saint, who had an intimate, mystical gift of prayerful love — and knowledge — of Christ. Her body shared in the wounds of Christ and her heart knew his Passion. In her Canticle of the Passion, we walk the [Read More...]