You Don’t Have to be a Monk to Be Changed and Transformed


With the Beatitudes as our identity card, we are called to live life “changed and transformed” in the Trinity. Wednesday’s Magnificat had a meditation from Pseudo-Macarius, an Egyptian monk and hermit, that helps those of us who are not in the hermitage. It began: Our souls must be changed and transformed from the present state [Read More...]

Pope Francis on the Christian Life: So Simple & Yet So Difficult

You don’t get more practical than the Beatitudes. That was Pope Francis’ Monday morning message after his weekend devoted to peace in both the Middle East and in our hearts. Political strategies are only as good as the authenticity of heart. Not for the first time, during his homily, the Holy Father talked about the [Read More...]

What If Pope Francis Gave a Pro-Life Homily and No One Noticed? What If He Begged Us to Change Our Hearts and No One Listened?

The Child of Bethlehem is frail, like all newborn children. He cannot speak and yet he is the Word made flesh who came to transform the hearts and lives of all men and women. This Child, like every other child, is vulnerable; he needs to be accepted and protected. Today too, children need to be [Read More...]

A Star Shines Brightly Over Northwest Ohio Harvest

This past weekend I was passing through and happened to have the honor of being in northwest Ohio where Fr. Matthew Frisbee was celebrating his first Mass at All Saints Church in Rossford. One got the impression from the start that Mass was filled — and packed it was — with people all well-aware of [Read More...]

Life and Death from Phoenix

Bishop Thomas Olmsted writes in the Arizona Republic: Every day, large numbers of innocent lives are snuffed out through abortion and euthanasia. But the execution of the guilty through the death penalty does not help to overcome a culture of death. The way we treat criminals says a lot about the value we give to [Read More...]

A Holy Week Introduction — and Invitation — to Catholic New York


Beginning on Palm Sunday, 1010WINS in New York began airing a Holy Week message sponsored by Catholic Voices USA starring Cardinal Timothy Dolan, with narration work from Mother Agnes Donovan from the Sisters of Life. The Holy Week message seeks to do a few things: One is to let people know about some of the [Read More...]

Where Is My Heart? The Cross of Christ & Our Deepest Identity

Who am I? Who am I, before my Lord? Who am I, before Jesus who enters Jerusalem amid the enthusiasm of the crowd? Am I ready to express my joy, to praise him? Or do I stand back? Who am I, before the suffering Jesus? These were the questions Pope Francis implores Christians to ask [Read More...]

A Year with the Joy of the Gospel

Grazie Pozo Christie is a diagnostic radiologist in south Florida who loves her Catholic faith and loves the first pope from the Americas and the evangelical opportunities his popularity has given Catholics in the last year. A Hispanic wife and mother and fellow with the Catholic Association, she talks a bit about the past year [Read More...]