Yo Yo Yo See Me Chillaxed with Da Pope? Yeah!


NBC reports that Pope Francis posed for a “selfie” yesterday with a group of kids, “following in the footsteps of stars like Rihanna, Madonna and Justin Bieber,” even if he has failed to post it to his Twitter account like the celebs do. My understanding, from links provided by NBC, is that a “selfie,” as [Read More...]

Just Another NYC Commute

Via a Dominican friar and Blackfriars Music: Now that’s how you evangelize through media! Video by video … And that is such a beautiful, soothing, redirecting prayer in the midst of a busy week and the chaos of our lives here, as we seem to lose time and never have enough: Come my Way, my [Read More...]

St. Augustine on the Rules of Christian Engagement

As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I am quite grateful for the monthly devotional Magnificat (some of whose creators have become friends -– though my addiction preceded the friendship). It’s well done and beautiful, also accessible and digestable in daily servings. Whether or not you subscribe, though, making time for daily spiritual nourishment [Read More...]

MLK Jr. Teaches Us There Is Nothing New Under the Sun

I was just re-reading this piece by the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus — who marched on Washington 50 years ago — on Martin Luther King Jr. After commenting on a biographer who wasn’t all that impressed with King’s preaching, Fr. Neuhaus shared: Every preacher who has been around a while finds consolation in the [Read More...]

Bring People to Christ, Don’t Throw Commandments at Them

A homily for Monday; spiritual guidance includes this nugget: Say yes when you mean yes, say no when you mean no. The rest is from the Devil. [Read more...]

The Best Response to Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke on MTV Sunday

While I did write one myself (The VMAization of America), the best reflection comes from Paul Claudel, via Magnificat Monday, from a meditation of his on the Apostles’ Creed: We live… in a state of disorder. There has been a corruption of the original order, of the order that charged all things to become visible; [Read More...]

How About Some Love Overwhelming, Everlasting?

Earlier this week, I spent way more time than I needed to reading — and then writing about –- a BBC profile in polyamory, that is: four people living together in “love.” (My Corner post about it is titled: “If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Need Google Calendar.”) As we are reminded of the [Read More...]

Are We Fasting and Praying for Christians in Egypt?


From Sam Tadros yesterday in the Wall Street Journal: Why Virgin Mary Church endured until modern times is a mystery. Some churches in Cairo survived because Coptic popes made them their residence. Being built on a place Jesus and his mother had visited gave others in Egypt a claim to fame and a chance at [Read More...]