Edith Stein and the Countercultural Single Ladies

Politicians are forever talking about women’s freedom but real freedom is more radical than our culture is comfortable with. Based on remarks she delivered at Notre Dame last weekend, Elise Italiano helps unpack just what it is that the Gospel means in the lives of women, writing about what Edith Stein might advise her single [Read More...]

Christian Focus in Communications, in Life

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you might consider this a tweet of the day. That was certainly my reaction. Where do I get one? Time to bring back?“@HistoricalPics: The Isolator, a helmet invented in 1925 that encourages focus and concentration pic.twitter.com/zXv9irJtFr” — Bill Howard (@bhcolorado) February 5, 2014 But no one needs one. Not if [Read More...]

‘I will trust, and not be afraid’

Tuesday (today, as I write) is the feast day of St. Catherine de’ Ricci, a Dominican saint, who had an intimate, mystical gift of prayerful love — and knowledge — of Christ. Her body shared in the wounds of Christ and her heart knew his Passion. In her Canticle of the Passion, we walk the [Read More...]

How Do You Communicate on Life with Love?

We can never afford to lose our love and compassion for every man and woman and child. That is so much of the message of the Gospel — of God’s love and mercy for us — that Pope Francis has been pleading with us to truly surrender our lives to. Tuesday morning in his tweet, [Read More...]

Father! Father!

One of the surprising delights of the new movie Gimmie Shelter is the presence of a Catholic priest. Inspired by a real Catholic priest working with Several Sources Shelters, James Earl Jones plays the father whose wisdom, and guidance and love a girl called Apple so needs. He arrives after she’s reached the point of [Read More...]

No Time Like Today for an Epiphany!

As Pope Francis announces his own journey to the Holy Land, we are invited daily to meet Christ in the Eucharist. Magnificat has Pope Benedict reflecting on the Epiphany (from his homily just last year): Human beings have an innate restlessness for God, but this restlessness is a participation in God’s own restlessness for us…. [Read More...]

She Is a Saint! What Is a Saint?

From Paul VI, as he canonized St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Being a Saint means being perfect, with a perfection that attains the highest level that a human being can reach. A Saint is a human creature fully conformed to the will of God. A Saint is a person in whom all sin-the principle of death-is [Read More...]

Where Religious Freedom Flourishes, So Do Women

A happened upon this piece while Googling St. Elizabeth Ann Seton earlier. I almost titled this post The Little Sisters of the Poor Are Women, Too. Seton is a timely saint to celebrate! (But then what saint isn’t? But a blessed New Yorker sure hits close to home!) From that piece: Where religious freedom flourishes, [Read More...]