The Pope and the Girls in Rome

Troubled girls at a detention center for juvenile delinquents. In a world where men and women need healing and boys and girls and young men and women need to know there is hope for their lives and a reason for them to go on and seek any good. And so the bishop of Rome, as [Read More...]

Avoiding the Mistakes of Judas

When we speak ill of others, we are imitating Judas. We commodify people like Judas did to the Son of God. I’ve been reflecting on Pope Francis’s short homily to the workers at his current home at Domus Sanctae Marthae in the Vatican. (Friends of mine who stayed there during the Ecclesia in America conference [Read More...]

The Catholic Church & a World of Good

I’m just catching up on reading and appreciated Kathleen Parker’s recent column on the media and the papal conclave. It is best summed up toward the end: “any evaluation of its present situation must also include recognition of the immense good that individual Catholics and the church do.” Thank you, sister. It’s funny to reflect [Read More...]

The Pope Checks His Watch


Rome — People have fairly widely noticed the new pope kissing babies, stopping for the disabled, and giving a thumbs-up. Did you notice, too, that he checked his watch as he was processing out of St. Peter’s for Mass on Tuesday? The message I took from it was: Respect people’s time. The solemnity, the pomp [Read More...]

We Are All in St. Peter’s Square Today

One mom’s practical — and mystical — observation: From St. Peter, our first pope and disciple of Jesus, to Pope Francis, our 266th, somehow, through the grace of God and the Holy Spirit, a little preschooler from Wausau, Wisconsin is profoundly united in this historical, spiritual moment, with every single Catholic saint and sinner, who [Read More...]

Can I Pray for You at the Pope’s Installation Mass?

I will be at the pope’s installation mass Tuesday. Please let me know if you would like me keep your intentions in my prayers. [Read more...]

Habemus Papa!

Rome — To be in St. Peter’s Square Wednesday night was to be at a family reunion. A disperse, divergent family, united by the Gospel, the Sacraments, the tradition, the history. When Pope Francis came out, there was great love. Even before he did … never before have I heard a crowd of tens of [Read More...]

Women of the World, Know You Are Loved by Love Himself!


I was on’s live show with Lauren Green earlier today, marking International Women’s Day and the announcement of a papal conclave start date. We talked a bit about women and the Church and what women want. As I indicated in a recent piece, if we look around, there is evidence that women want to [Read More...]