The Catechism of the Catholic Church Is a Welcome Mat to a New, Renewing Life in Christ

The Saga of the Door the Cardinal Didn’t Close When He Wasn’t Even in the Country Never mind the Cathedral continues, with another protest planned later in the month. Headlines have suggested that Cardinal Dolan told people they were unwelcome in St. Patrick’s Cathedral last Sunday. But he wasn’t even in the country — and [Read More...]

Thanks be to God!

Thanks be to God. Thanks be to God. Thanks be to God! There is something about that Deo gratias at the end of Mass, isn’t there? We are a missionary people, going out into the world, sanctified by the indwelling of our God! What overwhelming consolation. What overwhelming responsibility. What desire to stay with this. [Read More...]

They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Whine?

From the Catholic News Agency’s report on Tuesday morning Mass with Pope Francis: Reflecting on how St. Paul endured pain for Christ, Pope Francis said that good Christians do not complain about their trials but endure them with patient silence because their hearts are at peace. A Christian “who constantly complains, fails to be a [Read More...]

YOU Are Welcome

There was a protest outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue yesterday; I write about here. In a statement, Joe Zwilling, the communications director for the Archdiocese of New York, says about the incident: Yesterday, prior to the 10:15 a.m. Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, a small group of individuals approached the Cathedral with blackened [Read More...]

‘God has been very good to me.’

The bishop of Harrisburg, Bishop Joseph P. McFadden, died suddenly and sacramentally on Thursday. In one of his last conversations, he radiated gratitude: I love the people and the priests of Harrisburg. God has been very good to me. I have accepted four students into the seminary and I have seven more to interview. God [Read More...]

The Real Freedom to Choose

This is the right, this is our lives: There’s nothing soft-focus or saccharine about real Christianity. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for the brave; not the complacent, and not cowards. The world and its beauty give glory to God; but we live in it with divided hearts, and so the world is also a [Read More...]

Be Not of This World

Oh my goodness, the continuity, and the Spirit unleashed! That’s my continued experience of Pope Francis. This morning’s homily is no exception. He talked about that when we, members of the Body of Christ in the Church, become of the world, we cannot transmit the Gospel to others. Isn’t this so much of the problem? [Read More...]

A New Voice for U.S. Bishops & Women in the Catholic Church


After Jorge Cardinal Bergolio was elected pope, on the morning of his installation Mass, Timothy Cardinal Dolan passed right by me as I was doing an interview with the NET-TV outside St. Peter’s Basilica, on his way up to an interview with The Today Show. In his interview, Cardinal Dolan talked with enthusiasm and gratitude [Read More...]