‘He loved the Red Sox and he didn’t hate the Yankees.’

A story of decency, good will, brotherhood, manhood. Yes, brought to you in Pinstripes! But the Red Sox fans will forgive me. [Read more...]

Take a Risk with Your Best Friend Forever … and Ever

Celebrating Easter, as we continue to, Pope Francis talks about Christ as a friend. This continues a main theme — perhaps the main theme — of Pope Benedict’s pontificate. He wanted us to know Jesus. This is even why he stepped aside. Ultimately the point of a pope is to point the world to Jesus [Read More...]

Pope Francis on Grace & Mercy

This coming Sunday we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. This Holy Father’s pontificate thus far has been one long lead up to it, introducing the world to God’s mercy. This weekend he said: We are afraid of God’s surprises; we are afraid of God’s surprises! He always surprises us! Dear brothers and sisters, let us not [Read More...]

Don’t Be Afraid, Just Say: Into Your Hands Lord

From St. Josemaria Escriva: Let us say again, in word and in action: “Lord, I trust in you; your ordinary providence, your help each day, is all I need.” We do not have to ask God to perform great miracles. Rather, we have to beg him to increase our faith, to enlighten our intellect and [Read More...]

Is Today Just Another Day? Or Is It a Day of the Living Passion?

Holy Saturday. Would that every Saturday be! Every day. Today, these last few days, these coming Easter days are a chance to set things right, simply by orientating ourselves to God. Simply. It’s not that simple, is it? There are responsibilities and distractions. There’s a whole world out there with its demands. And yet it [Read More...]

Need a Good Friday Gateway Drug?

The Order of Preachers — the Dominicans — help here. If you are looking for a way into the Passion today, this video beautifully illustrates the prayer of this day: Canticum de Passione Domini from Province of Saint Joseph on Vimeo. The text comes from Catherine di Ricci, a 16th-century Dominican saint from Italy, reflecting [Read More...]

Can You Read This Without Crying?

“Let us feel Jesus’ healing tonight.” [Read more...]

Pope Francis and the Good Priest

This piece is almost prophetic in the sense that the tea leaves were being read before the pope delivered his Chrism Mass homily directed to priests; Fr. Roger Landry writes about the reform of the priesthood that will likely mark Pope Frances’s time as pope: One of the most urgent reforms facing him is the [Read More...]