Like This?

I speak to my old friends at the Vatican Radio English section (a lot of young lay family folks) quite often during election seasons, especially, providing some commentary on the scene from here. They have a new Facebook page you might like if you’re looking for unfiltered news from Rome. [Read more...]

Conscience Unites!

Health And Human Services Dept. Approves Free Birth Control For Women

Late last night on National Review Online‘s “The Corner,” my friend and colleague and bright intellectual light of our day, Ramesh Ponnuru, pointed to an opinion piece by former congresswoman Nancy Johnson. In an election year where accusations of a “war on women” have drowned out common-sense defenses of our first freedom, what a welcome [Read More...]

Defend Religious Freedom Today

Do it with confidence that it’s our duty and it is even a winning issue. Check it out. [Read more...]

Joy Is Demanding?


It is hard not notice that we sometimes talk about joy only when it is convenient to. At obvious reasons to be happy: That someone is getting married. That a child is born. But how the heck to be joyful when injustice engulfs and pain is palpable? In an Angelus message during a visit to [Read More...]

Are We on the Side of the Angels?


In opening Mass of the ongoing Novena to the Mother of God for Our Nation, Bishop James D. Conley said, on the feast of the archangels: Our vocation is to join the angels in their spiritual battle against evil. Our call is to share in their work. St. Paul exhorted the Ephesians to remember, that [Read More...]

Can We Be Ever-Grateful?


Job provides some inspiration in today’s first reading: one day, while his sons and his daughters were eating and drinking wine in the house of their eldest brother, a messenger came to Job and said, “The oxen were ploughing and the asses grazing beside them, and the Sabeans carried them off in a raid. They [Read More...]

Will Justin Timberlake Play You in the New Social Network?


The theme of World Communications Day in May has been announced by the Pontifical Council of Social Communications: “Social Networks: portals of truth and faith; new spaces for evangelization.” In a statement, the Council provides a worthwhile, challenging reflection: During a time in which technology has emerged as part of the fabric of connectivity of [Read More...]

There Are Christians in Hollywood


Catholic schools and Catholicism come up during my chats with Mike and Chip Flaherty, the execs at Walden Media behind the movie Won’t Back Down, out today. [Read more...]