The Seven-Year-Old Who Doesn’t Ask for Toys, But Jesus

Christmas gratitude to those who preserved and shared this letter from a young Joseph Ratzinger: Dear Baby Jesus, quickly come down to earth. You will bring joy to children. Also bring me joy. According to translations in the news, he wrote: I would like a Volks-Schott (a Mass prayers book), green clothing for Mass (clerical [Read More...]

What Is Catholicism?

People hear things about what Catholics believe. Some of it is true. A lot of it is not. The most compelling education about what exactly it is Catholicism is and teaches comes from the example of lived witness. In an interview about his conversion to Catholicism at age 76, the late Judge Robert H. Bork [Read More...]


Yesterday in Rome, before his op-ed hit the Financial Times, Pope Benedict XVI alluded again to silence and contemplation at perhaps the busiest time of year. Cliff! Family arrangements! Lines! (And don’t forget to thank the delivery men!). During his Wednesday audience B16 reflected on that woman who said yes and pondered the Incarnation of [Read More...]

Christmas Stress?

If you’re anything like me, right about now you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Nothing goes according to plan. The year is about to end. And Christmas? No one is getting anything like what you had hoped to be giving them … But instead of contributing to the chaos: Remember the Incarnation. God became man to [Read More...]

I Am What’s Wrong with the World

We have a collection of insights on what happened in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday up on National Review Online today. So many of the conversations we’re hearing are just not helping, at a time when silence and prayer might be the only wise response from most of us. I was especially struck by what Michael [Read More...]

Judge Bork: Plain but Deep

From a Roger Kimball review of Robert H. Bork’s Coercing Virtue that appeared in National Review: Like many profound books, Coercing Virtue does not attempt to say anything new. Instead, it does something that is at once more valuable and more difficult: It reminds us of old, familiar truths–so familiar that they are everywhere neglected. [Read More...]

That Glimmer in the Judge’s Eye

Robert Bork died this morning. He should have been on the Supreme Court. But perhaps the fact that he wasn’t confirmed was as important a lesson to us as the time Ronald Reagan intended to have him spend on the Court might have been. I remember emceeing a “Women for Roberts” event back one hot [Read More...]

Christmas for Christians — A Gift Guide

Some advice: As Catholics we should give differently than those who do not share our faith. In our giving, we should try to give in such a way that those we love receive something of the pearl of great price, the buried treasure that rust can’t corrode, burglars can’t steal and the IRS can’t tax. [Read More...]