Cardinal Dolan Comments on Confident Continuity in Rome in the Midst of Reform and Renewal


On his Sirius Catholic Channel radio show earlier today from Rome, New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan said about that working document that was released from the Vatican earlier this week: There has been significant criticism of the initial relatio. Deep appreciation for the work that went into it, taking a quiet sum of it that [Read More...]

No Earthquake in Rome, Cardinal Dolan Emphasizes Continuing Conversation, Not Doctrinal Shifts


Commenting on some of the headlines covering the synod on the family and the working summary document that was released and discussed today, New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan emphasized that doctrine isn’t being changed in Rome right now. On his weekly radio show, Dolan was joined Fr. Jonathan Morris from the Archdiocese of New York [Read More...]

Trusting Christ, with a Little Help from Blessed John Henry Newman


I talked with Leonie Caldecott on the ground during Pope Benedict’s beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman in September 2010. This was her takeaway: Keep a hold of the truth — but in charity and with attentiveness to the position and concerns of your interlocutors. Do not be afraid to witness — but make sure [Read More...]

Creating and Sustaining, a Healthy Marriage


“Love is simple.” “Love is love.” Is it any wonder young people feel lost in love? They are often left without solid wisdom, models, and experience. Is it any wonder they’re not getting married, having seen too many marriages fail and living in a culture of extravagant, unrealistically unfair and unjust expectations and harmful advice? [Read More...]

Living Love, Getting to Holy with the Help of St. Thérèse


From Thérèse of Lisieux herself, from today’s prayer of the Church: When I had looked upon the mystical body of the Church, I recognized myself in none of the members which Saint Paul described, and what is more, I desired to distinguish myself more favorably within the whole body. Love appeared to me to be [Read More...]

Avoid the Plague of Practical Atheism


Lukewarmness can be a dangerous road there … As Pope Benedict XVI said during the Year of Faith: A particularly dangerous phenomenon for faith has arisen in our times: indeed a form of atheism exists which we define, precisely, as “practical”, in which the truths of faith or religious rites are not denied but are [Read More...]

Why Didn’t Cardinal Dolan Walk Away from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade?


I’ve shared some of my thoughts on the matter previously here, with a bit more in my syndicated column this week. I’ve certainly got some push-back for suggesting there might be some pastoral wisdom about it. Where’s the wisdom? In love. Tom Hoopes at Benedictine College offers very practical advice about that here. Tom isn’t [Read More...]

Say Her Name, Say Her Name


From Magnificat on the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary: As much as Mary’s holy name is a blessing for us, it is a dread for the evil one. Venerable Thomas a Kempis (1471) observes that the devils fear Mary so much that, if they but hear her holy name pronounced, they fly [Read More...]