Do We Love One Another?

Some of the less charitable news stories emphasize Jeffrey Hillman, the homeless man who Office Lawrence DePrimo bought boots for, wanting “a piece of” the notoriety the shoe-buying incident has brought the officer. But you can appreciate the man is in an awkward spot, in this media culture we live in. And the whole incident [Read More...]

Do You Want to Save Christmas?


Then live Advent. “Advent is a discipline: a way of forming anticipation and channeling it toward its goal,” Joseph Bottum writes in his beautiful new book, The Christmas Plains. “Nothing we do can earn us the gift of Christmas, any more than Lent wins us Easter. But a season of contrition and sacrifice prepares us [Read More...]

Practical Tips for Making Advent a Part of Life?

Here. Not heavy theology. But good tips toward making these next weeks more than stressing about Christmas gifts and arrangements. [Read more...]

Will We Choose to Lift the Cloud for Christmas?


Magnifcat had a tough meditation on Saturday — one that at the same time is remarkably consoling. It’s from Saint Catherine of Siena and deals with sin and suffering. And mercy. From her Dialogues, it reads: I give and permit everything out of love, and they are constantly scandalized in me. Yet I patiently endure [Read More...]

Not a Bad Advent Idea

From a blog site I just stumbled upon: We might take on a spiritual project this Advent. We might challenge ourselves to see and hear some new layer in the old, precious stories that present themselves to us each year. Let us invite God to plumb our depths and challenge our resting in a place [Read More...]

The Tears of a Nun


Ever since hearing this news about the New York Planned Parenthood clinics splitting away from its mother ship on account of increase-abortion-to-increase-revenue mandates that are part of the bloodstream at Planned Parenthood, I’ve been thinking of the book Unplanned by Abby Johnson. Specifically, I’ve been seeing the image of the Catholic religious sister Johnson and [Read More...]

Called to be Finest

“Heartwarming” seems to be the most frequently used word to describe the image of Officer Lawrence DePrimo kneeling by an unidentified barefoot man he bought boots for on a cold night in Times Square. The tourist photo that has gone viral, is the best kind of public relations for the New York Police Department: the [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan’s Rightward March?

The New York Times highlights the U.S. Catholic bishops’ enthusiasm to see Dorothy Day’s canonization cause move forward. And how convenient that a “conservative” cardinal — New York’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan — is leading the effort, allowing him to reach across party lines, so to speak, the Times observes. (The headline is: “In Hero of [Read More...]