A Few Words about Freedom


From George Weigel again in his book Practicing Catholic: The false humanism of freedom misconstrued as “I did it my way” inevitably leads to freedom’s decay, and then to freedom’s self-cannibalization. [Read more...]

About Dorothy Day

George Weigel writes in his book Practicing Catholic: Despite her political myopia about the likes of Fidel Castro, the Catholic radicalism of Dorothy Day was far more Catholic in its sense of the drama of sin and grace than the vapid liberalism that dominated the post-Vatican II Church. Dorothy Day is all too often misunderstood [Read More...]

Don’t Worry, Be Holy

What God wants most of all for each one of you is that you should become holy. He loves you much more than you could ever begin to imagine, and he wants the very best for you. And by far the best thing for you is to grow in holiness. — B16 in England, 2010 [Read more...]

Did I Do Any of These Things Today?

It seems like a good end-of-day question. The sort that directs the mind and works to renew the soul. Did I instruct? Did I advise? Did I console? Did I comfort? Did I forgive? Did I bear wrong patiently? Did I feed the hungry? Did I shelter the homeless? Did I cloth the naked? Did [Read More...]

The Phone Call Ed Koch Remembers


From an interview piece with the former mayor of New York: Koch was “heartbroken,” he says, and even suffered a minor stroke, after it transpired in the middle of his third term that several of his close political allies were involved in graft, extortion and bribery. His friend, Queens Borough President Donald Manes, was implicated [Read More...]

Incarnational Desire: Wise men still follow the light


Our hearts are restless. Can it be denied? It’s the reason we look every which way for satisfaction. It’s the reason we’re always aching for something more. It’s dramatic, it’s painful, and it can be the greatest joy there is. And it’s not a one-way street. “Not only are we restless for God: God’s heart [Read More...]

At First, I Thought This Was a Typo

“It is said that one night when Havel went off to bed, he discovered it was missing.” His, wife, you see, had given their bed to someone who didn’t have one. It’s from a young Dominican’s write-up on Zdislava Berka — wife, mother, saint. We’re not all giving up our beds tonight, but such radical [Read More...]

How Can We Witness to Our Faith with Love?


Even in the media? My friends Kim Daniels and Scot Landry talk about being better Christian communicators, being better Christians, on Scot’s Boston-based radio show, The Good Catholic Life. Both media and controversy can be opportunities to make the case for the Catholic Church in the public square. And sometimes the public square means your [Read More...]