Incarnational Desire: Wise men still follow the light


Our hearts are restless. Can it be denied? It’s the reason we look every which way for satisfaction. It’s the reason we’re always aching for something more. It’s dramatic, it’s painful, and it can be the greatest joy there is. And it’s not a one-way street. “Not only are we restless for God: God’s heart [Read More...]

At First, I Thought This Was a Typo

“It is said that one night when Havel went off to bed, he discovered it was missing.” His, wife, you see, had given their bed to someone who didn’t have one. It’s from a young Dominican’s write-up on Zdislava Berka — wife, mother, saint. We’re not all giving up our beds tonight, but such radical [Read More...]

How Can We Witness to Our Faith with Love?


Even in the media? My friends Kim Daniels and Scot Landry talk about being better Christian communicators, being better Christians, on Scot’s Boston-based radio show, The Good Catholic Life. Both media and controversy can be opportunities to make the case for the Catholic Church in the public square. And sometimes the public square means your [Read More...]

The Magi, the Saints, and Us

On the Feast of the Epiphany, a Catholic priest in New York, Fr. George W. Rutler writes: In “The Journey of the Magi,” T. S. Eliot portrays them as utterly changed by what they saw and more than uncomfortable with their homeland — present-day Iran — when they went back: We returned to our places, [Read More...]

Living a Whole Life

Hugh Jackman talks about his father: ‘I would recall conversations Dad and I had about his religious beliefs. He was an accountant at Price Waterhouse and I used to ask him whether his religion ever impacted on his work, whether it was ever an issue, or a subject for discussion. ‘He said it wasn’t, because [Read More...]

Anything Is Possible with God

It’s the message of Christmas and Easter, isn’t it? This comes from Saint Augustine via the Liturgy of the Hours today and drives that point home with some appropriate zeal: Beloved, our Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal creator of all things, today became our Savior by being born of a mother. Of his own will [Read More...]

Are You a Catholic in New England Who Feels Called to Defend the Church in the Public Square?


Read and pray about the upcoming Catholic Voices USA training in Massachusetts in March. An article in the Pilot newspaper in Boston explains more. Catholic Voices trains Catholics from all walks of life to make the case for the Church in media and other public venues. It seeks to be an apostolate of loving Christian communication. [Read More...]

Saint on Tour


Don Bosco’s relics are currently on tour in Britain. Why would anyone ever go to a relic tour? Why would anyone take relics on tour? Because his blessing arm is as powerful as it ever was. I wrote about an encounter with it in Washington, D.C., here. [Read more...]