Paul Ryan and the Hour of the Laity


As you know, Paul Ryan has been subject to the criticisms of a minority of Catholic bishops, questioning his commitment to Catholic social teaching in regard to budget policy-making. (George Weigel has addressed this here.) On EWTN’s The World Over last night, Raymond Arroyo asked Congressman Ryan’s bishop about his budget. Bishop Robert Morlino of [Read More...]

Are We Listening?

I sat in on parts of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences annual plenary session last week and heard what amounted to a warning to America: Don’t go the way of secularism. That’s what this fight over religious liberty we are in amounts to. In my syndicated column this week, I write: To an American [Read More...]

‘the vote of Mass-attending Catholics will be one of the high dramas in this presidential election’

Steve Wagner gives some grounded analysis of what’s happening with the so-called Catholic vote here. Is it a problem for the president? Sure looks like it could be. This White House over-reached when it issued and then doubled-down on the HHS contraceptive/sterilization/abortion mandate. Even Joe Biden saw the political trouble coming. If you are a [Read More...]

Ryan’s Hope

I just got back from Rome, where I ran into Fr. Thomas Williams at a Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences meeting at the Vatican. He is author of a most timely book, The World as It Should Be, and we discuss it here. Some of the interview: LOPEZ: Is there a single encyclical that speaks [Read More...]

‘Catholic identity is a priority.’

That quote came from Cardinal Dolan recently in a homily from his Fifth Avenue pulpit. Georgetown, inviting Kathleen Sebelius to speak at its commencement this month, says something quite different: For Georgetown, surrendering to the culture is a priority. Leading in that surrender is a priority. Catholic identity is something to be ashamed of unless [Read More...]

A Flashback Quote of the Day

I suspect this will be appreciated by readers and writers, via the Wedgewood Circle: But what is a good writer up to when he’s writing a book that will give the reader pleasure? First of all, he’s telling the truth. Bad books always lie. They lie most of all about the human condition, so that [Read More...]

When the Rod Must Smash the iPod


You may have guessed that I am a proponent of making use of new technology to tell the Good News. But sometimes the new technology can get the best of us. Become a distraction. An obstacle. There are always warning signs. In his Sunday bulletin this weekend, Father George W. Rutler cautions (and empowers): A [Read More...]