‘Catholic identity is a priority.’

That quote came from Cardinal Dolan recently in a homily from his Fifth Avenue pulpit. Georgetown, inviting Kathleen Sebelius to speak at its commencement this month, says something quite different: For Georgetown, surrendering to the culture is a priority. Leading in that surrender is a priority. Catholic identity is something to be ashamed of unless [Read More...]

A Flashback Quote of the Day

I suspect this will be appreciated by readers and writers, via the Wedgewood Circle: But what is a good writer up to when he’s writing a book that will give the reader pleasure? First of all, he’s telling the truth. Bad books always lie. They lie most of all about the human condition, so that [Read More...]

When the Rod Must Smash the iPod


You may have guessed that I am a proponent of making use of new technology to tell the Good News. But sometimes the new technology can get the best of us. Become a distraction. An obstacle. There are always warning signs. In his Sunday bulletin this weekend, Father George W. Rutler cautions (and empowers): A [Read More...]

He Blesses Us


I took this photo today at St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome today: The image is made manifest to this very day, as we celebrate the first anniversary of the beatification of Blessed John Paul II. A year ago today, the current pope said: Throughout the long journey of preparation for the great Jubilee [Read More...]

The Kids in Congress’s Backyard

John Boehner has demonstrated a commitment to them. The Speaker’s social-justice project – one of them, closest to his heart – is some of poorest children in the city, served by the Consortium of Catholic Academies. Tonight in Washington, D.C., he will be headlining a fundraiser for the Paula Nowakowski Scholars Fund with the Consortium [Read More...]

‘Catholic identity is a priority.’

Teach the children well, was the Sunday message from Fifth Avenue. From Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s homily: there is no more tried-and-true way of passing on our Catholic faith to our kids than by sacrificing to put them in a Catholic school. Data proves they persevere in the faith at higher rates, pray better, are more [Read More...]

‘He Always Has His Arms Outstretched to Me’

Oh my goodness, you want to watch this child: May we all pray with the open heart of a child! [Read more...]