THIS Is Why We Need Real, Actual Civility

A priest reflects on the pain of politics: Catholics should be in agreement with each other over issues of life and death, marriage, and homosexuality. And even if there may be different approaches about how best to care for immigrants, or the poor, Catholics while open to a diversity of solutions, must also grasp more [Read More...]

MSNBC Needs to Get to Court

The religious-liberty debate a whole host of hosts missed. [Read more...]

‘literally out the ashes rises hope’

A first Sunday Mass at St. Thomas More Church in the hurricane-ravaged Breezy Point, a largely Catholic community. His parish church, congressman Bob Turner said: “My house was among those totally destroyed and we lost a lot of great stuff, but everybody is OK…. We’ll get through it.” “I think we’ll turn our attention to [Read More...]

Conscience Calls: Being Catholic Voters

One of the voter guides of this election cycle comes from the Catholic Hispanic Leadership Alliance. It’s voter guide focuses on applying Catholic social teaching to the issues that lift up — or destroy — human life and dignity. The Alliance is unambiguous about the priority of protecting the most innocent human life (see Archbishop [Read More...]

Election Day Is a Day for Prayer

Whatever happens on Election Day, on any Election Day, “we do not throw up our hands in despair or disinterest,” one pastor in McLean, Va., advised this weekend. We renew our devotion to conforming the world – by first and everyday our very lives – “with the true and the good. Since anything that is [Read More...]

Our Help & Hope Remains


I went to what I consider America’s parish, the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for Mass this morning. The opening hymn was “O God, Our Help in Ages Past.” It’s worth reflecting on the words today: O God, our help in ages past, Our hope for ears to come, Our shelter from [Read More...]

Religious Freedom Has No Business in the Business World

That’s, in a nutshell, what the Department of Justice argues in the case of Hobby Lobby, the national arts and crafts chain. Kyle Duncan of the Becket Fund explains. And notice there was a religious-liberty win for another business owner in Michigan today. [Read more...]

Want to Win the Race? Meet these Women. Walk with these Women.


Our culture has an overwhelming treasure in the rich history of good, strong, dynamic, courageous women who understood the human condition, lived lives of service, sacrifice, rigor, joy and the truest freedom. Catholics begin the month of November every year celebrating the feast of All Saints, a crowd that includes some of the most impressive [Read More...]