Avoid the Plague of Practical Atheism

Lukewarmness can be a dangerous road there … As Pope Benedict XVI said during the Year of Faith: A particularly dangerous phenomenon for faith has arisen in our times: indeed a form of atheism exists which we define, precisely, as “practical”, in which the truths of faith or religious rites are not denied but are [Read More...]

Why Didn’t Cardinal Dolan Walk Away from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

I’ve shared some of my thoughts on the matter previously here, with a bit more in my syndicated column this week. I’ve certainly got some push-back for suggesting there might be some pastoral wisdom about it. Where’s the wisdom? In love. Tom Hoopes at Benedictine College offers very practical advice about that here. Tom isn’t [Read More...]

Say Her Name, Say Her Name

From Magnificat on the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary: As much as Mary’s holy name is a blessing for us, it is a dread for the evil one. Venerable Thomas a Kempis (1471) observes that the devils fear Mary so much that, if they but hear her holy name pronounced, they fly [Read More...]

Pray for Christians in Iraq and Syria Today?

A bit of a mess this week reminds me again how little we in America are doing when we have such tremendous power. Families, individuals, campus groups, parishes, friends, co-workers, couples … pray for Iraqi and Syrian Christians. Here’s a prayer the Knights of Columbus have circulated: Prayer for those Persecuted in Iraq O God [Read More...]

Christ Is Key

I’m grateful to Fr. Paul Murray, O.P., for many reasons, and for many reasons even simply for a talk of his I was present for at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota just a few days ago, during Labor Day weekend. Among other things, it nudged me to re-read a saint’s homily from [Read More...]

The Light We Need

I was just reading the latest column from my friend J. David Franks, who teaches at St. John’s Seminary in Massachusetts. He writes: The world is dark. Our own hearts are dark. We have but one task: let the light penetrate us more deeply, and preach that the light is flowing down in starry cataracts. [Read More...]

Father Knows Best

Fr. Steve Grunow from Word on Fire (who I am blessed to have been joining for regular recurring hour-long sessions on Sheila Liaugminas’s Relevant Radio show for over a year now) writes about St. Gregory the Great on his feast day today: Perhaps the greatest spiritual lesson for us in the witness of St. Gregory [Read More...]

A Labor of Christian Love: Encountering Renewal in Bismarck

University of Mary Campus 3 copy

I’m spending Labor Day weekend on the campus of the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota for a conference on the future of Catholic education (@UMary happens to be bit of an exciting and expanding beacon of just that. It’s a celebration of one of the University of Mary’s latest acquisitions, Don Briel, who [Read More...]