Ten Things about St. Gemma Galgani that Caught My Eye Today (Her Feast Day, April 11, 2015)


St. Gemma Galgani is a saint who needs to be more well-known and could be a great model and intercessor for our times. April 11 is the wonderful feast day when we celebrate her life. Do get to know her or share her with someone today. 1. (Found that here.) 2. Happy Feast Day of [Read More...]

Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Easter Friday, 2015)


1. Today's Gospel reflection by Sister Bernardita Dianzon, FSP: pic.twitter.com/ognlT1yhSU — PaulineUK (@Pauline__UK) April 10, 2015 2. From the Jerusalem Catecheses (in Friday’s Liturgy of the Word): When we were baptized into Christ and clothed ourselves in him, we were transformed into the likeness of the Son of God. Having destined us to be his [Read More...]

Five Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Easter Wednesday, 2015)


1. Do yourself a favor and read this: Yet, now in his glorified body, Jesus remained in the same little district, he hid his splendor, he kept the wounds of his Passion, he walked and talked and ate with men. He seemed as intent on persuading them to realize that he was human as he [Read More...]

Ten Easter Tuesday Things that Caught My Eye Today (April 7, 2015)


1. Fragrant incense and light on Easter Sunday: a glimpse of the Empty Tomb! https://t.co/bDzVhJwGmT — Fr Lawrence Lew OP (@LawrenceOP) April 7, 2015 2. I had a conversation with a Muslim cab driver yesterday about the Easter octave. He had no idea. He thought it was one day and over. He thought that odd, [Read More...]

Ten Easter Monday Things that Caught My Eye Today (April 6, 2015)


1. Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P.: He comes and he says to the women and to you and me: Chairete, that is, ‘Rejoice in my grace; be filled with God’s favour’. Hence, he comes and encounters them; the Risen Lord gives himself to them. For it is only through a real encounter with Christ that we [Read More...]

Twenty Easter Things that Caught My Eye Today (2015)


1. Resurrected Christ Appears to the Virgin Mary, Miraflores Altarpiece (detail), R. van der Weyden, @smbmuseum, Berlin. pic.twitter.com/xG4zz4kxV4 — Maria VickroyPeralta (@MVickroyPeralta) April 5, 2015 2. Maybe give the glorious Exsultet a read every day of the Easter season. To keep the flame burning. 3. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song." [Read More...]

Why Alleluia?


From Christ in His Mysteries by Blessed Columba Marmion: If every year, during Lent and Holy Week, we are faithful in sharing the sufferings of Christ, every year also the celebration of the mystery of Easter, by making us contemplate the victory of Jesus victorious over death, makes us partake more fruitfully and more abundantly [Read More...]

20 Good Friday Things that Caught My Eye Today (April 3, 2015)


1. Dominican Saints contemplating the Cross, from the sacristy of Sta Maria sopra Minerva https://t.co/zsNFwIzi1r — Fr Lawrence Lew OP (@LawrenceOP) April 3, 2015 2. The Tenebrae hearse seen from the Altar on Good Friday https://t.co/p1hAJnmCRW — Fr Lawrence Lew OP (@LawrenceOP) April 3, 2015 3. Three things from Thomas Aquinas to think about today. [Read More...]