Christ, the New Temple

In the Gospel Sunday, Jesus meets John the Baptist. Fr. Robert Barron of Word on Fire fame writes about it in the monthly Magnificat magazine this month: All four of the Gospels compel us to approach Jesus through the figure of John the Baptist. They seem to imply that John provides an indispensable interpretive key [Read More...]

Why Advent?

Saint Charles Borromeo explains (hat tip, as we say, to Beloved, now is the acceptable time spoken of by the Spirit, the day of salvation, peace and reconciliation: the great season of Advent. This is the time eagerly awaited by the patriarchs and prophets, the time that holy Simeon rejoiced at last to see. [Read More...]

Getting into the Advent Spirit


Fr. Robert Barron popped into my inbox this morning (I subscribed to this daily Advent reflections! you can, too) with more to say about longing: I’ve always sensed that the Advent attitudes of waiting, expecting, hoping, and anticipating somehow speak to the deepest desires of our heart. That is probably because our whole existence here [Read More...]

George Washington, the Blessed Mother, and #Advent


As we begin the season of Advent, Fr. Peter John Cameron writes in The Magnificat Advent Companion about what we are called to enter in to: If you visit George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate in Virginia, you will notice something inside the mansion’s front door. On the left wall of the central passage hangs an [Read More...]

Deep Longing, Sure Hope


In his new book on The Feasts of the Church and how they form us as Catholics, Washington, D.C.’s Cardinal Donald Wuerl writes with Mike Aquilina about Advent: In Advent the Church prepares to receive the fullness of revelation. The Scriptures proclaimed at Mass convey a sense of deep longing, but also a sure hope [Read More...]

Do We Bring Peace to the World?

This morning in Rome, Pope Benedict prays with us all for the families who lost children on Friday in that horrifying school shooting in Connecticut: I was deeply saddened by Friday’s senseless violence in Newtown, Connecticut. I assure the families of the victims, especially those who lost a child, of my closeness in prayer. May [Read More...]

Our Choices Have Eternal Consequences

From a recent diocesan paper column: Just as much as Jesus discoursed on the beauty of Heaven, he spoke about the reality of hell. He compared hell to a blazing furnace, an unquenchable fire, a worm that doesn’t die. We can make choices, He said, that cause us to lose body and soul in hell, [Read More...]

Do You Want to Save Christmas?


Then live Advent. “Advent is a discipline: a way of forming anticipation and channeling it toward its goal,” Joseph Bottum writes in his beautiful new book, The Christmas Plains. “Nothing we do can earn us the gift of Christmas, any more than Lent wins us Easter. But a season of contrition and sacrifice prepares us [Read More...]