Blessed Rolando!

In his Angelus address Sunday, Pope Francis mentioned a Italian young man who has been beatified this weekend, holding him up as a source of inspiration, a model for youth and the Christian life. Rolando Rivi was martyred in 1945 at 14. A seminarian, he refused to take off his cassock, a sign of his [Read More...]

In God We Trust

This morning, as he delivered his Sunday Angelus message, the pope talked about rediscovering the beauty of Baptism, “being born again from above, from the love of God, and live as a child of God.” In response/at the same time feminists, protesters took off their tops to insist “he shut up his mouth,” for “in [Read More...]

Welcome Jesus!!

I just joined Pope Benedict XVI and very cold pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square for the Angelus. It is cold here. But are our hearts? This Advent, “give space and welcome Jesus, the Word that saves us, to our hearts,” the Holy Father implored. I’ve never been here at this time of year. There’s significance [Read More...]

The Eternal Campaign

I’m using up the remaining minutes on my satellite time on the National Review post-election cruise (more on this shortly) and couldn’t think of any better way to return to dry land than with what Pope Benedict had to offer in his Angelus address this morning, based on today’s Gospel reading: “Everything passes, but the [Read More...]

Two by Two, Never Alone

In his Angelus address, on August 2, 1987, Blessed John Paul II pointed out: Every Christian is, in fact, essentially an apostle. This noble status obliges him to undertake any and all efforts, personally and as part of a community, to achieve that which we invoke when we pray: “Your kingdom come.” The human being [Read More...]

I am Not Worthy

Rome — “During this Year of Faith may we, like the man in today’s Gospel, have the courage to ask the Lord what more can we do, especially for the poor, the lonely, the sick and the suffering, so as to be witnesses and heirs to the eternal life God promises,” Pope Benedict XVI prayed [Read More...]

A Prayer from Lebanon

From the pope’s Angelus message yesterday in Lebanon: “May men understand that they are all brothers!” A prayer for everyday, everywhere. [Read more...]

Be Opened!

From Pope Benedict this Sunday in Rome: At the heart of today’s Gospel (Mk 7, 31-37) there is a small but, very important word. A word that – in its deepest meaning- sums up the whole message and the whole work of Christ. The Evangelist Mark writes it in the same language that Jesus pronounced [Read More...]