‘I believe she desires to take all of us into the heart of her Son’


On the Star of the New Evangelization, Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is playing such a prominent role in the papal visit to Mexico.     [Read more...]

Rita Rizzo, Trailblazer


Last night I watched some of the most joy-filled children rejoice in the love of Christ as they welcomed Pope Benedict to their home here. It was beautiful and inspiring and uplifting. I was watching it live on EWTN, where Raymond Arroyo is anchoring the trip live. It was a reminder to me of how [Read More...]

Resist Fatigue, Live the Christian Life with Grace & Joy


From Pope Benedict’s homily Sunday in León: we need to overcome fatigue related to faith and rediscover “the joy of being Christians, of being sustained by the inner happiness of knowing Christ and belonging to his Church. From this joy spring the energies that are needed to serve Christ in distressing situations of human suffering, placing [Read More...]

Fulfilling a Friend’s Dream


You are sometimes reminded that monumental figures of world history are also men, and can even be friends, as the current and immediate past pope were. Today Pope Benedict XVI told those gathered for Mass in Leon, Mexico: Dear brothers and sisters, by coming here I have been able to visit the monument to Christ [Read More...]

Man of the People

Via Reuters: [Read more...]

B16 on Religious Liberty, Integrity & Authentic Love

From his airport arrival in Mexico Friday: I come as a pilgrim of faith, of hope, and of love. I wish to confirm those who believe in Christ in their faith, by strengthening and encouraging them to revitalize their faith by listening to the Word of God, celebrating the sacraments and living coherently. In this [Read More...]