Pope John Paul II, Marxist, in Bethlehem


The M word in the title is, of course, a joke … The message of the Gospel, of course, remains the same under Pope Francis — and so much of what he says is an (not all that simple but radical) invitation to Christ, to know God’s love and mercy. On my birthday (random fact) [Read More...]

Let Us Go to Bethlehem


From B16 at the Christmas vigil Mass: Let us go over to Bethlehem, says the Church’s liturgy to us today. Trans-eamus is what the Latin Bible says: let us go “across”, daring to step beyond, to make the “transition” by which we step outside our habits of thought and habits of life, across the purely [Read More...]

Let There Be Peace on Earth


I had dinner Thursday night in Bethlehem across the street from that awful wall dividing Bethlehem and Jerusalem, so direly reminiscent of Germany’s past. So Gregory of Nyssa’s medidation in the Magnificat for the first of March took on some added significance. “Recognizing Christ as ‘peace,’ we shall exhibit the true title of Christian in [Read More...]