A Culture of Piercing Wounds


I wish people listened to Cardinal Dolan’s Catholic Channel Sirius XM radio show like they watch The Voice or The Today Show — or whatever the top rated shows are these days. It’s an hour, so it affords him more time than a sound bite, a quote picked up in the New York Times — [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan, Andrew Cuomo and Our Limited Attention Spans

Cardinal Dolan has been talking about the evil of abortion for some time — offering the arms of the Catholic Church in support and healing. The Church position on abortion is clear. He has said that when he talks to the governor of New York he talks to him about these things. All the media [Read More...]

Dinner Talk

Some of what went down Thursday night at the Al Smith dinner in New York and why it matters. And a cardinal bottom line: “Please don’t be confused. Please know that simply to pray with somebody, simply to have a meal with somebody, simply to be friendly to somebody doesn’t mean that we are endorsing [Read More...]

The Road to Red

I’m watching the consistory in Rome, where my bishop, Timothy Dolan, has just been elevated to cardinal. The Holy Father spoke of service and sacrifice, and the blood red of the cardinals as real blood sacrifice. Pray for them, as they are called to be shepherds and models of integrity. In A People of Hope, [Read More...]