Your love willed this, O Eternal Trinity.

We have been known to make a cult of youth and our own supposed genius. We seek to invent our own wisdom, instead of going to its Source. Fr. George Rutler reflects on this arrogance with a little help from one of the great women doctors of the Church: There is a curious study in [Read More...]

Will We Choose to Lift the Cloud for Christmas?


Magnifcat had a tough meditation on Saturday — one that at the same time is remarkably consoling. It’s from Saint Catherine of Siena and deals with sin and suffering. And mercy. From her Dialogues, it reads: I give and permit everything out of love, and they are constantly scandalized in me. Yet I patiently endure [Read More...]

Who Couldn’t Use a Makeover?

In her recent book, Extreme Makeover, Teresa Tomeo talks about her reintroduction to the Catholic faith of her youth. I did an interview with her touching on many of the issues the HHS mandate has brought up in ways clarifying and confusing. And I saved a little of the recatechetical talk for here: How do [Read More...]