‘Catholic identity is a priority.’

That quote came from Cardinal Dolan recently in a homily from his Fifth Avenue pulpit. Georgetown, inviting Kathleen Sebelius to speak at its commencement this month, says something quite different: For Georgetown, surrendering to the culture is a priority. Leading in that surrender is a priority. Catholic identity is something to be ashamed of unless [Read More...]

‘Catholic identity is a priority.’

Teach the children well, was the Sunday message from Fifth Avenue. From Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s homily: there is no more tried-and-true way of passing on our Catholic faith to our kids than by sacrificing to put them in a Catholic school. Data proves they persevere in the faith at higher rates, pray better, are more [Read More...]

You Simply Must Read Archbishop Chaput’s New Book

It is the challenge of our lives: To be truly Christian. Doing so could just save religious liberty in America, too. Here is my review of his A Heart on Fire: Catholic Witness and the Next America. [Read more...]