Why Go to a Priest for Confession?

You know how Pope Francis keeps repeating himself? How he keeps talking about the mercy of God and pleading with the world to go to our tender, loving Father? On Divine Mercy Sunday at high noon Mass in Washington, D.C., Archbishop Joseph Augustine DiNoia, O.P. ran with this clear theme — so needed by the [Read More...]

To Be Free

Via Blessed John Paul II: My sons and daughters, you have pointed out at your Congress the sufferings and the contradictions by which a society is seen to be overwhelmed when it moves away from God. The wisdom of Christ makes you capable of pushing on to discover the deepest source of evil existing in [Read More...]

Just One Look

When we gaze on the Blessed Sacrament, our Lord gives us this same look he gave Peter, a look of mercy. Pope Benedict XVI said earlier this year in an installment of his catechesis on prayer: Luke the Evangelist has retained a further precious element of the events of the Last Supper that enables us [Read More...]

Bristol Palin’s PSA for Confession


I am a few days late to reading this, but it deserves a link, I think. Bristol Palin has a blog and wrote there about the president of the United States calling Georgetown Law activist Sandra Fluke. Addressed to President Obama, she blogged: here’s why I’m a little surprised my phone hasn’t rung.  Your $1,000,000 donor [Read More...]

Mounting the Heart of the Temple

israel 452

Not to be stuck on this past Sunday and its Gospel reading, but Fr. Robert Barron provides some essential focus: While sharing the aversion of using religion as a means to gain material wealth, I think a more fruitful way of understanding Christ’s action to cleanse the temple can be discerned in relation to Israel’s [Read More...]

A Lenten Tipping Point?


Yesterday was the Third Sunday in Lent. How quickly we pass from Ash Wednesday to the First Sunday in Lent and, well, here we are. The clock does keep ticking. And it’s not too late to have a holy Lent. Maybe you’ve given up booze or added a decade of the Rosary. Maybe not even [Read More...]