Living The Way, Come What May

A friend this month, who might have been the freest man I ever met, died. You love, you serve, you know you are a sinner and accept justice and aren’t destroyed by sin and injustice because you know you’re a sinner and you know your Father knows this, and sent His Son to win the [Read More...]

He’s a Cardinal Now!

  Neat slideshow. [Read more...]

‘In Christ Alone’

From Pope Benedict XVI — otherwise known as B16 — at the consistory this morning in Rome: In the Gospel we have just heard proclaimed there is offered a model to imitate and to follow. Against the background of the third prediction of the Passion, death and resurrection of the Son of Man, and in [Read More...]

The Road to Red

I’m watching the consistory in Rome, where my bishop, Timothy Dolan, has just been elevated to cardinal. The Holy Father spoke of service and sacrifice, and the blood red of the cardinals as real blood sacrifice. Pray for them, as they are called to be shepherds and models of integrity. In A People of Hope, [Read More...]